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The Company, Green Earth Recycling was formed as a private partnership on 18th December 1994 to carry out the recycling of plastic materials and post-consumer beverage carton packaging such as generated by Tetra Pak. The plants are located near village Heyr, 12 km Bedian Road, Lahore. Green Earth currently owns and operates the following plants to perform the above mentioned recycling operations;
  1. Crushing, washing, agglomeration and extrusion plant for granulation of plastics such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and other polyolefins which have densities less than that of water.
  2. Crushing, plate forming and sawing plant for making boards from post-consumer beverage cartons (mostly from Tetra Pak)
  3. Seven station Low Force Moulding (LFM) machine to mould thick pieces upto 60 kg.
  4. Seven station Injection Moulding (upto 3 kg)
  5. Complete workshop for fabricating products out of plastic lumber made in above machine.

For recycling operations we have three lines for making granulate each with a capacity of 200 kg/hour. The capacity of the plate forming is about 300 kg/hour. We have a total of 150 employees to run the whole operation. We also have a joint collaboration with Tetra Pak Pakistan for the plate forming (board making) project, as all the post-consumer waste generated from the beverage cartons in Pakistan is by Tetra Pak.

We have imported the machines mentioned above in points 3 and 4 (LFM) from Germany. These machines are employing the latest technology to mould large plastic pieces but with low injection pressure. Using this technology we can mould plastic objects such as planks and profiles. This is a tried and tested technology which is being used extensively in the developed countries and has been for the first time introduced in Pakistan. Also, sheets can be produced which can be used in the furniture industry instead of wood, which is becoming more and more expensive everyday. In addition there are numerous advantages to be had in making outdoor products from plastic. These are that these products would be totally water proof, termite proof and guaranteed for life.